After careful consideration, we bought a Tohatsu MFS9.8B S short shaft outboard engine, to use with our 3.0m tender, for our Bluewater cruising plans. We needed something we could trust and it never once failed us during our adventures from the UK to New Zealand over the last few years. We tested it to the max and it took us on so many wonderful adventures! Easy to use, quiet, fast and reliable enough for us to feel comfortable taking the family to some of the most remote locations we could have ever dreamt of. Thank you Tohatsu!

Sophie and family sailed UK to Canaries, over the Atlantic to the Caribbean, then through the Panama Canal to the Pacific Ocean and on to New Zealand.
a Tohatsu MFS9.8B S short shaft outboard engine

Quick feedback: very impressed with the new Tohatsu MFS140.. one of the best power units I have fitted.. smooth, loads of torque and great acceleration throughout the rev range. On the Atlantis 20 cruising 3500 rpm at 20knots full power 6000 rpm 35 knots (17 inch prop). Fuel consumption at 3500 rpm (20 knots) about 15.5 LPH. Photo included. Happy to recommend to any customers.

Atlantis Marine, Outboard Sales & Repairs, Guernsey
Atlantis Marine: review image from 2022

We've been Tohatsu dealers for many years. We operate the local water taxi service and over the years, have used many makes of engine. The water taxi runs for 16 hours a day every day between April and October.

For the last eight years or so we have used the Tohatsu MFS25 and 30hp engines on the boats. These have proved extremely reliable and cost effective engines. We have one 30hp that has covered over ten thousand hours and is still going strong! This year we decided to upgrade the engine on our larger water taxi to the new MFS50. This amazing engine has exceeded our expectations ! Fuel economy is about the same as the older 30hp. Servicing is quick and simple making for minimum downtime. Also the modern looks and deep colour are a great talking point. As dealers, we have the ultimate demonstration model for these incredible four strokes and have no problem supplying them to our local market.

Michael Fitton, Mainbrayce, Alderney

Quality Japanese engineering combined with competitive pricing & unrivalled 7 year warranty - no wonder Tohatsu has become the outboard of choice for so many of my customers.

Richard Holland, Ski-Marine, Bournemouth

Received the parts required yesterday and when the box was opened the wrong carb was in it. (Someone in Japan packed it wrong). Not to be deterred Tohatsu UK dispatched the correct unit via DHL at lunchtime yesterday and the carb was in my hand at 10.30 this morning. Carb fitted, FRC tested and signed off for service at 13.00.

Now that is why I think Tohatsu is one of the best engines in the world and the backup is second to none. Well done Tohatsu UK!

Clinton Marine Services

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